QEMU problems

QEMU problems

Hello, just thought I give MeeGo a try and installed the MeeGo SDK on my Windows XP 32 Bit PC. It made it up just as described here: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/installing-meego-sdk-windows But after starting the QEMU emulator and deploying an app out of the MeeGo development environment the app starts in the emulator, but I can't click anywhere. Just nothing happens. Additionally the emulator screen turns into black sometimes or the app window disappears again. So it seems I've no influence on what's going on within the emulator. :-( Any ideas on that are appriciated. Best regards and thanks in advance Andreas
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i receive the same problems, it is slow and show nothing.i use the table runtime.

Hello FanCy,

yes, I'm also using the
runtime as suggested in the docu.

I really would like to give MeeGo a try, but without having a working emulator for debugging unfortunately that's not possible...

Best regards

Hello FanCy and Andreas,

sometimes when an application is launched inside of QEMU remotely fom QT Creator and there is no substantial activity in the application the OS focus is not set onto the application.

If you go to the zones area/tab you should still be able to find it and bring it to the foreground.

Else your observations sound primarliy like speed/performance related issues. We are currently working on improving emulation performance. It should be considerably better with the next release. The Linux* hosted version takes advantage of some Intel chipset hardware graphics accelarations that may help - if you can afford to switch host platforms.

Using ssh to open a remote terminal into the QEMU running your MeeGo image may serve as a workaround for whatever controls you can apply on a command prompt and the command line communication to the QEMU is reasonably fast.

These are the suggestions I have at this point. I'll think about it some more and get back to you.


Emulation performance is really very poor specially if you are not using one of the latest fast machines. What we found most suitable was to install Meego Netbook OS on our PC itself, make it dualboot. Then we install the Meego SDK on Meego itself and do the development there itself. No emulation is required as we run the code directly on Meego.

Also Meego as an OS is much faster than windows so we liked using and developing on Meego. It makes sense to use Meego as you need to understand OS anyway to develop app for it.

You will however need to finally return to windows to do AppUp SDK Integration as its only supported for Windows at the moment, but you can do it at last, when you are finished with development.

So that's the path we took for our Meego Development. Hope it helps.

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