Desktop file path for Tablet UI

Desktop file path for Tablet UI

My app creates desktop and icon files properly for Netbook UI, after installation i could see application icon in Applications section. But a got a validation reject for my app on Tablets UI. The reason is: "The application never created a visual icon to launch the application. The application did create a .desktop file (dyk.desktop) and can be launch manually through the terminal." For tablets ui RPM should use any special paths differs from the paths for netbook ui (usr/share/applications)? Or app was rejected because tablet ui has some icons caching problems or validation team just looks for icon for my application in the wrong place? Could anyone from the validation team help me to resolve issues via email? I promise, i will write step-by-step guide for other developers after my app will be validated successfully. :)
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Hey guys.

I am having the same (initial) problem as Dmitry, but I am not using any Qt stuffs (simply relying on Linux standards). I drop a SmilesHD.desktop file in to the usual folder of /usr/share/applications/, but the MeeGo Tablet UI never does anything about it. I tried placing the file a few other places (/usr/share/meego-ux-appgrid/) but no dice.

How does the Tablet UI decide what icons are shown?


the path used by the tablet UI is /usr/share/pixmaps

/usr/share/pixmaps works on MeeGo netbook and MeeGo tablet.

Do you mean you do not see an icon for your application on the MeeGo Tablet application area of the desktop?

If that the case, I encountered the same problem. I saw the following root cause when I digged deeper into this issue.

The Qt Creator, that is shipped as part of the MeeGo SDK 1.2, creates a desktop file (*.desktop) containing the path that is different from the actual location where to the application is installed.

The path created by Qt Creator in the desktop file:

The actual path where the application is installed:

This mismatch causes the desktop not able to locate the binary for the specified icon, which is stored in /usr/share/pixmaps directory.

The solution is to change the *.desktop file for the spec file of the RPM to correct this mismatch. For a quick test, change the *.desktop file to use "/usr/local/bin" to see this solution resolves your issue.

I hope this solution helps you.

Thank you for reply!

I could see icon, but validation team could not. I check my app only on netbook (have no Tablet UI installation yet).

I change paths in .desktop file manually, before submit, after i check validation requirements for MeeGo.

Path to my app inside .desktop file is


And all just fine on MeeGo netbook...

I think the problem is what I have described. Please verify that your application is not actually installed in /opt/com.intelloware.dyk directory. Your app may have been installed in /usr/local/bin directory.

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