How to run a .net application on MeeGo O.S

How to run a .net application on MeeGo O.S

Hello, I have create an application on Now I want to run this application on MeeGo application . So please make me clear What the step by step process I have to follow for it, means what SDK I have use to run this application. Is based application supported by MeeGo? or if not which language based application will support by it. Thanks,
Gary Beulah
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Meego does not support the .NET runtime be default. There are solutions to support it, but none of them are elegant at this time. An alternative solution in your case would be to port your application to QT ( QT applications have the benefit of being able to use one source repository for both Windows and Meego. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

I have upload this application on Intel App-up Store on November last year. Now they want to meet the meego os platform in order to qualify for Intel's new store requirements. So What I have to do for it? What I have to change in this application to meet the meego os platform?


Gary Beulah


As mention above "An alternative solution in your case would be to port your application to QT (". So what I have to do for it. What's the meaning, to port application to QT. Is there any converter tool to convert my application? or we have to code it.

please reply me.


Gary Beulah


I have not seen any conversion tools that convert .NET code to Qt, which is C++ based. Since your application is written in VB.NET, you can probably salvage the flow and logics of your current application. You need to re-write your VB.NET application using Qt Quick for MeeGo tablet. Qt Quick technology has a declarative language for describing visual elements similar to XAML of WPF in .NET. Here are the steps you may want to take:

1) Visit this Meego page and follow the provided instructions to download and install the MeeGo Tablet SDK. Here is the URL for MeeGo portal:

2) Use Qt Quick to develop your application. If you know Javascript, you can quickly get a simple MeeGo tablet application running. Take a look at Qt Quick at this

3) If you need help integrating C++ code with Qt Quick (QML - Qt Meta-Object Language), just post a question on this forum and I will get you going.

Have fun!

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