My computer restarts after starting QEMU for tablet

My computer restarts after starting QEMU for tablet

I have sucessfully downloaded the MeeGo SDK 1.2 and target & runtime for tablet respectively. Target: meego-tablet-ia32- Runtime: meego-tablet-ia32-qemu- First I type "net start kqemu" from cmd then I try to start QEMU using MADDE $ mad remote -r meego-tablet-ia32-qemu- poweron Then I see tablet saying that booting or something like that in blank screen then mouse pointer comes and then my machine restarts. My machine is: Windows XP SP 2 | Intel Core 2 Dua E7200 2.53 | 3GB RAM Waiting for any solution...
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Hello Narendar,

I also did not get the QEMU emulator to work on my Windows computer. Looks like as the Windows version of QEMU is still very buggy...

Therefore I'm using a "real" MeeGo device (ExoPC) for testing now. That work without problems.

Best regards

Hi Andreas,
The QEMU is working for Netbook, why not for Tablet...

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