Problem Downloading Meego SDK :(

Problem Downloading Meego SDK :(

I have tried a multiple times to install the SDK by downloading the MeeGo SDK 1.2 for Windows. When I am running the downloaded file, the file is downloading some tools. And the download is getting failed after a couple of hours. Please provide me a download link to all the tools and complet SDK, so that I can download them by using my download manager software. Please help.
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I like to offer you an alternative to development. If you have a netbook, you can install MeeGo and develop on it directly.
If you do not have a netbook, I suggest using VirtualBox on your Windows machine and install a copy of MeeGo.
The instructions for putting MeeGo on VirtualBox is here:

However, don't follow the link on this URL to download MeeGo image. For proper image, please use this one instead:

The wiki has instructions and you need to do some conversion of this image. The conversion should take 5 to 10 minutes.

Either installation, whether on netbook or virtualbox, is only the first step. Let me know after you are done and I can guide you to next steps.
And of course, if you run into issues, just post them here.



Hi Vincent,

Thanks a ton for your reply. I am trying this out on my desktop and will contact you once I am done with the above process.

Thanks for the try of MeeGo SDK!
Could you provide which target you tried to install? We would like to address the root cause.

Currently there is no official offline installer so you have to use the online installer. For downloading problem we can workaround it by downloading some big-size files using other tools.

1. Install the SDK without any target selected. You should be able to install SDK without downloading big target.
2. Given you want to install the "MeeGo Tablet 1.2 (IA32)" target, the target version is "". You can find the version in the description of that item. Then you can download these 2 files:
3. Put those 2 files into C:\MeeGoSDK_1.2\MADDE\cache. You may change the "C:\MeeGoSDK_1.2" to the path you choosed.
4. Launch "Maintain MeeGo SDK" and install the target. It will not try to download the big file but directly go to installation phase.

Hopefully above can solve your issue.


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