About the AppUp

About the AppUp

Hi everybody I need complete description about the appup. like what is an appup and why we use it at least 2 pages of description i need. i would like to give a presentation on this aapup in our college presentation. So kindly please provide me the description about the appup. thanks pavan
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Hello MV.Pavan,

you could say that the Intel AppUp program is a kind of app store system like e. g. Windows MarketPlace of Microsoft or the AppStore of Apple for iPhone. But the AppUp store is used mainly for Netbooks and tablets.

But you should be able to find all info on this site:

You can also have a look at the AppUp user site here:

Best regards

Thank you Andreas. What you provided are very relevant and definitely describe what AppUp is.

I like to also point out to MV.Pavan this URL:


If you happen to live near one of these worldwide cities, feel free to come to our Applabs where you can learn more about AppUp. These events are conducted in-person by one of us. On the same link towards the bottom is a presentation we gave recently at one of our Applab.



Thanks for your replies. i hope this information is very useful to me.


But when i try to register from the hyderabad the page redirects to the same again when i click on the registration button next to the hyderabd.

Could u please guide how to register in to that program.

looks like maybe some system glitches.

I will get it fixed and will get back to you.

sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Pavan ... You need to be logged in to Intel AppUp developer program to be able to register for an App Lab. Would you please try it out and let us know if you are still not able to complete the regsitration process

Hi all,
thanks for your co-operation, and i would like to know is this event charges any money. please let me know before i registered, because i want to attend that event based on the price they are charging.


Hello Pavan,

normally these Intel AppUp events are free of charge. At least the one here I Germany (Munich) where I have attended to was free of charge.

Best regards

Hi Pavan,

the Application Labs are free, there is no charge!



Hi All,

Thanks for your Valuable information. i got register for the Application Labs and i am very happy to say i am going to attend this lab on this month May 27th in Hyderabad. And i heard that they are going to give some hardware machine for developing the applications.



Meet you at the Hyderabad event!!!

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