.desktop file Categories field

.desktop file Categories field

Sent this to the feedback email address as well, but posting for the benefit of other readers too: Earlier, my application was rejected because it did not have Categores field in the .desktop file. Now, it appears that all verticals don't work with Categories field, e.g. handset doesn't show it at all. My theory is that the current failure status is because of this: "A .desktop file is created for the application but it does not appear graphically. The user must launch the application through the terminal." Can you tell me how to proceed? Should I have the Categories field or not?
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Hi vivainio,

We are also facing exactly the same problem, but our target device is Meego Tablet- EXOPC. We followed all the compliances

I just wanted to know, did u solve the problem?

Did your app got released?

Please share your solution.

Thanks in advance -

Hello Kiran,

I didn't have problems to get my apps validated with an included ".desktop" file.

And if you're using version 1.2 of MeeGo Tablet editon on your EXOPC, the product also should appear correctly.

Best regards


yes, this thing sucks:

1. The application is rejected now if the desktop file does not have Categories field.
2. The application with Categories field does not show up in the application grid with Meego 1.1.

You can't fix it, but you want to publish your app:

1. Put the Categories field in your desktop file.
2. It will work only Meego 1.2 images (snapshots).


The Desktop Menu Specification is a standard defined by freedesktop.org.

There are particular fields that MeeGo Compliance requires for applications to put in their .desktop entry. The required fields are Name, Comment, [Exec or Link], Icon, Type, and Categories.

Hope that helps.

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