Same Meego App for both Netbook & Tablet

Same Meego App for both Netbook & Tablet

Both app-submission-webpage and Developer-Challenge-submisstion-webpage accept single app name (and thus GUID & binary) for both MeeGo Netbook & tablet target. Can anybody tell me how to make a binary (or RPM) which can be used by both targets. As far as I know I have to choose one target at a time and both binaries are different. This might mean that different target binaries have to be submitted on same GUID at different time ( because once validation starts we can't edit it). What happens when we submit different target binaries on same GUID? Will new app-info change will reflect in all platforms? Can it have different pricing model for different platform? Can I submit meta-only changes to specific platform? Has anybody ever used same GUID for multiple platforms? If you prefer using separate GUID for different platforms, how do you make sure they get same name?
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Hello pinigames,

why you think that you need to submit different binaries for netbook and tablet?

In the app submission form you can just select both targets at once. Therefore I don't see the problem.

Best regards

Let me clarify my question. I know same binary is accepted. But how to create such from Qt, as from Qt settings either I can select target as Tablet or as Netbook. Does that mean that binary created by any mean is compatible to both? So why we have to select any target and why different targets needs to be downloaded by MADDE?

Another question is suppose I need to submit same app for Windows & MeeGo (obviously different binaries). So in this case how can I use same name for my app? One solution is submit different target binaries on same GUID at different time. But is it possible? Has anybody done so?

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