Hang during MeeGo installation at "hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command TX timeout"

Hang during MeeGo installation at "hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command TX timeout"

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Also in https://bugs.meego.com/show_bug.cgi?id=19690 BUILD IMAGE: meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail- HARDWARE MODEL: ExoPC Pinetrail tablet EXOPG06411 BUG DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS =========================================================== The OS appears to hang during installation and does not progress past hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command TX timeout. EXACT STEPS LEADING TO PROBLEM: =========================================================== 1. Download OS from: http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/snapshots/stable/1.2.80/ 2. Transfer image to USB thumb drive with "dd if=meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail- of=/dev/sdf bs=4096" 3. Boot ExoPC tablet to USB thumb drive using BBS and select thumb drive 4. In grub menu, select "Installation Only" 5. System will hang after about 23 seconds into the installation WORKAROUND: =================== The workaround to install the OS is to break out of the installation at the hang with cntl-alt-F2 to enter TTY2, then cd to /usr/sbin directory and manually run the OS installation using the installer-shell script, select yes to wipe all the partitions and let the OS completely install.
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Thanks for sharing Ronald.

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Is wiping all of the partitions really necessary? What about the folks that want to dual-boot MeeGo/Win7? Furthermore, in your bug you should update the MeeGo Release field to 1.3 as that is the build you are reporting against.

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The folks using dual boot should probably stick with the 1.2 release at http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/meego-sdk-suite or the one of the builds at http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/snapshots/stable/

This only applies to the releases at http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/snapshots/stable/1.2.80/latest/images/meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail/

I updated the release field to 1.3, thanks for the catch!

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