Proxy detection...

Proxy detection...

Hi All, I am used to having the launcher provide proxy detection and setting the java environment with the host/port info. If you do not then apps launched from Appup will work from home but not in a corp environment which would affect games especially. I am looking into Proxy-Vole but so far it does not detect the proxy correctly even when a pac file is used by a corporation. Web Start works great but Intel does not use that deployment tool and the Web Start api does not expose the methods to get the proxy info. Any ideas? Thanks, -Tony
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Why not something like this?

public void detect(String location)
try {
ProxyInfo info[] = ProxyService.getProxyInfo(new URL(location));
if(info != null && info.length>0)
proxyHost = info[0].getHost();
proxyPort = info[0].getPort();
System.out.println("PROXY = " + proxyHost + ":" + proxyPort);
}catch (Exception ex) {
"could not retrieve proxy configuration, attempting direct connection.");

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the suggestion I got Proxy-Vole working last night so I can now detect HTTP proxies. There are typically (from a high level/abstract perspective) three steps:

1. Query the operating environment about proxies. Java Web Start does this several ways such as check the registry, check the browser settings, execute java script that can get the proxy info.
2. After step 1 set the java runtime environment (jre) instance the app is running with that info.
3. Finally get the proxy type, host and port info from the java runtime instance.

That is what I got running. What I am looking at next is network authorization and if I should just let the OS ask or have the app put up a login dialog where the user enters the info. I prefer the OS approach so there are no security concerns but not sure how a java app would work with that. Would it pause and wait till the OS Dialog is done then continue? Also, what kind of Authorization is needed? NLM?

Finally since it appears the testers are connecting to the internet for testing is there a good reason for that? It was asked before about how they tested and that was the answer and that is what I am seeing. Am I doing extra work for nothing? I feel it is important enough and thus have fixed one of my apps (in beta testing now) and will need to go through rest of them now. A bit of work but important enough for me to do but not sure how far to take it.

So by end of next week I will resubmit with that "enhancement" and add signing.

Best Regards,

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