Validation process broken...

Validation process broken...

Hi All, Just recently I discovered several things wrong with the Java process I reported them today so hopefully they can get addressed. 1. Packaging broken. When using program arguments the packaging randomly adds space and line feed. 2. Validation program claims invalid id for device yet it passes validation testing. 3. Beta testing does not work reliably. Users get emails but app never shows up under "My Apps" tab. Seems to be a common problem from messages on forum. Debug works correctly it is just after that the odds are things break so badly and are undetected till it reaches the validation team. So please get the Intel dev team to fix these issues so you get better apps. Regards, -Tony
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How does one attach the screenshot to these replies?

Anyway I answered the question on another thread.

The message is:
"The application is not authorized to run under this account on this device."

I ran my first app's jar without this error but every project created after the first one gets this error. And this does not show up during testing by your testers but the issue with the program arguments being malformed by the packaging sure did.



Hi Brian,

For now since the validation app does not work as expected (and there are other posts as you know about this issue) I discovered that I can get the apps to show up for beta testing if I uninstall and reinstall Appup. There was also posts about that issue and intel recommended uninstalling and reinstalling at a minimum.

At least now I can try to do some form of testing where as before it was impossible after I submitted my first app.



On item number 2, can you provide a screen shot or more detail?

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