A self-containing MakeMSI example?

A self-containing MakeMSI example?

Hi, everyone! Does someone have a self-containing .mm script for MakeMSI? I've put together a script, but produced MSI ended up being rejected. Apparently the uninstall of the produced MSI does not work as expected (it is apparently not silent and when launched through AppUp it fails with error 511).
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The uninstall is not silent? Can you take a screen shot of this? If it is not silent it would have to prompt the user for input during the uninstall via the AppUp client.

Unfortunately, I can't take a screenshot - not at the moment. Before Monday, I won't have access to the code, to the MakeMSI script or even to a Windows machine with AppUp installation interface.

This was reported by AppUp's review team just as I described: that the uninstaller is not silent, and that it reports error 511. I'm not sure what could be going wrong, since the app uninstalls correctly via Control Panel (as confirmed by the review team). I've also tested prior to submission that it correctly installs silently. If you have access to review results, I point you to the app this is related to, so you can check out the results.

Do you have any idea what might have gone wrong? What should I be checking for?

I'm mostly inquiring if someone has successfully submitted a MakeMSI-generated .msi; if so, I'd like to ask them to post the .mm script since mine doesn't seem to work, and I'd like to see what's wrong :)

Using Visual C++ to create the installer is not an option, since we use Express Edition.

How about Wix ?


WIX is indeed a good option. I actually tried to outline options for building and packaging Windows projects in two posts:

Hope this helps.


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