Issue in submitting App

Issue in submitting App

Hi, I am submitting zip files of source files but it gives error message as follows: Our software thinks that something isn't quite right. Please retry after correcting errors.,ZIP file check failed,required file missing,index.html If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste). Click here to go to the forum Can anyone please help with this asap? Thanks, Jatina
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Hi Jatina,

Be sure that your files are actually in the root of the zip file, i.e. /index.html and /icon.png.

For instance if you have a zip file, , inside that file there should be a /index.html and /icon.png and *NOT* a /MyAppDir/index.html etc.

On windows, using 7zip and winzip we've found that in order to zip a directory MyAppDir/', instead of just selecting 'MyAppDir' and zipping it we need to go *into* MyAppDir, select the files, and zip from in there. If you just zip MyAppDir you get a directory in the root of the zip called 'MyAppDir/' ..and that is incorrect.

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