Problems in displaying Google Ads on Encapsulator HTML Apps

Problems in displaying Google Ads on Encapsulator HTML Apps

Dear Members , i have been trying to place Google Ads on Html apps created by the intel encapsulator. i have placed google ads scripts on the html pages and then created the msi using the intel encapsulator and after installation, launched the app but its not displaying any google ads. i have opened the same html page in the all major browsers and its showing the ads properly. is that incapsulator html kit is not supporting to display google ads ? or if we can, please help me out in displaying the google ads. Thanks in advance, Regards , Kumaran
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maybe the issue come from the encapsulator, but you don't have the right to display google ads in your application, because of the adsense policy

"Google ads, search boxes or search results may not be:
Integrated into a software application of any kind, including toolbars. "

Thanks ph0b. Google Ad Sense also has a product for games that can be integrated into the games.

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