Probably a stupid question but ...

Probably a stupid question but ...

Hey, All This is most likely a stupid question but here goes. I'm getting ready to buy a new development machine. It's going to be used not only to develop for AppUp but also to develop mobile apps/games as well as PC based apps/games. There are memory and processor requirements that I need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. My question is this: Is it necessary to develop apps for App up using an Intel based processor(I would expect so - I don't know how you could be sure that apps behaved properly without either having an Intel based machine or having a secondary Intel based machine that you could install the apps on to test their behavior). So far the only machines that I've seen in my price range that have the RAM, processor speed(and cache) and hard drive space that I want are AMD based machines. I've been a desktop developer for a number of years and have never seen any complications arise from running an app on machines that have procccesors different than my development machine but this IS the Intel AppUp program, after all. Any input would be appreciated(even if it's to call me a silly nit for asking a stupid question :-) ). Many thanks, Jeff
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Hello Jeff,

no, you can use any maschine that is able to run Windows 7 (or XP) to develop for AppUp.

Even though obviously Intel CPUs are much better than the ones from AMD, Windows should work also on an AMD based maschine. ;-)

Best regards

Hi, Andreas

Thanks for the info. I like Intel processors but I'd like a machine to come out of the box with 1.5 TB drive, 8 GB RAM and around 3 GHz processor speed. I have some game programming tools that require a lot of hard drive space for the program files and also a ton of hard drive space for the graphics and graphics creation programs, especially for the 3-D games. I also have app creation stuff for mobile devices. We'll see what I can come up with.

Thanks again for the info.


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