Got an app, need some help

Got an app, need some help

Hi, Say Joe has a great concept for an app (call it XY) and he’s sure that his app will win “Best Web App for Productivity” in the “Ultrabook™ for the ultra-best” contest mentioned at: Then the app will be sold on Intel’s site with that handy advertising. XY is up and running, but it’s programmed in VB.NET 2010. In “How to enter the developer challenge” Intel says “Prepare your HTML5, CSS, Javascript*, AJAX, or embedded Flash* Web app for the Intel AppUpSM center with Intel—or package your code manually. (review the Encapsulator-beta HTML5compatibility guide for more information on features).” Now how about a Bill on this forum re-writing XY (it’s a few hours of work for version 1) in “HTML5, CSS, Javascript*, AJAX, or embedded Flash” and make it ready for the contest and sale? Is this kind of partnership a common practice here? How will it work? By the book (NDA, signed contract etc), or there are specific rules here? What percentage (of the sales in Intel’s store/s) will Bill ask for in the above mentioned circumstances? Dan (but you can call me Joe for now)
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Hi Joe,

According to our contest rules, "All entries must be participant's original creation." Please see

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Oops, I thought submitting as a team is fine. Anyways -- contest or not -- I'd still appreciate a partner to put XY in Intel's store/s. Just outta curiosity, which one of the “HTML5, CSS, Javascript*, AJAX, or embedded Flash” languages would be the easiest to learn?

Probably HTML5, I would think. That would be my best guess, anyway.

Yes HTML5, would be .

HTML5?! Strange -- and good news! -- since I found CSS to be quite simple. Anyway, this is the app I wanted to participate with:

Any other “Best Web App for Productivity” contest/s out there?

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