Are there issues with in the current version of the AppUp encapsulator? I try to do this: winRef ="", "winRef") And the window opens without problems. However, if I try to do this: winRef ="", "winRef") A window launches but the site never loads. I checked the compatibility list and saw nothing about Is there an issue preventing certain sites from loading using for web apps packaged using the AppUp encapsulator?
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Some more testing reveals that the problem is actually with https. It seems that the AppUp Encapsulator can't handle https at all, be it through or through Ajax requests. Is there something I need to do to enable https, or is this just a limitation of the current version of the AppUp Encapsulator?

Hi rsanchez11,

I'll have our engineers investigate this. The Encapsulator does handle https, as the widget codes from the AppUp Creator utilizes https protocol to communicate with 3rd party https services and the Creator uses the Encapsulator to create the WebApp.


That's good. If there's something I need to do to enable https for my app, please let me know.

I'll let you know what we find out. I'll use your above method for our testing.


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