Validation Screen resolution...

Validation Screen resolution...

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Hi, A week or two ago I saw some screenshots from the validation team that looked very strange and made me wonder what the screen resolution was they used. Does anyone know? In order to design the user interface as best as we can we need to know that. I made some major GUI changes because of thier screens which did not look standard at all. So for each device we need to know what the resolution they use. So for netbook and laptop what is the expected resolution? Also, is there plan to add ultrabook to the list of devices? Thanks, -Tony
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Hi Tony,

See "UIX01 - All menus, graphics icons and text must be clearly readable by user" here:

and please see

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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Thanks Hal!

Looks like 1024 x 600 low end for netbook. No mention of laptop though.
In case you do not know a developer now has/can select laptop and/or netbook for devices. I do not remember that selection being there but hey I forget sometimes.


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