is tizen alpha version released?? there is no download link for tizen image in

is tizen alpha version released?? there is no download link for tizen image in

hi all, i plan to port tizen alpha version in intel crossvillie OKI hub. we already tested meego 1.2.04 version in that board but main problem, touch screen is not working. so we plan to test the tizen in intel crossvillie OKI hub. i'm searching tizen image for the past 1 months. i heard tizen alpha released recently. can anybody please provide the tizen image download link???
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There is most of the information you are looking for in the Tizen IVI wiki:

Unfortunately, touch does not work either in Tizen IVI for Crossville-Lapis (i.e. based on the OKI hub):


You will be pleased to know that on April 30th 2012 was released the Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK and Source Code.

This version of the operating system source code is targeted towards smartphones and tablet devices and runs on the PC emulator.

You can find the official announcement post form here:

The source code of Tizen* operating system can be found here:

The official documentation will provide you more details about how to develop applications for Tizen.


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