Encapsulator for Adobe Air apps

Encapsulator for Adobe Air apps

I noticed .air files are no longer an option in the Encapsulator beta. What are the steps to package the app for Windows?
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Hi, my name is Norm Chou and I'm a techincal marketing engineer for AppUp. I help develpoer push apps into the store and assit with general troubleshooting.

Support informed me you had some questions regarding AIR files.

We do support AIR files, but we now require that you use the Intel Encapsulator to convert it to an MSI. You also need to sign the AIR file as well.

Below are the steps to upload your air file.
1. Sign your AIR file
2. Go to the intel encapsulator web service: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/encapsulator-beta
3. Fill in your app information within the Encapsulator.
4. Input your app GUID
5. Create the MSI from the Encapsulator and download binary
6. Upload binary into app submission
7. When you upload the binary, please select AIR as the support runtime.
8. Complete all the meta data
9. Submit for validation

If you would like more help, please email me at norman.chou@intel.com

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