version 11 is this download correct?

version 11 is this download correct?


I have been trying to download the latest Intel Parallel XE Studio 2013 that should include the latest MKL version 11 but in the download build information I see:

(Build #) Initial Release Date posted: 15 Aug 2012    Build date: 15 Aug 2012

does this corresponds to the new MKL release? I expected the build to be somewhere around beginning of september or?


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Yes, that's what I see, the current MKL 11.0 download update is dated Aug. 15, regardless of whether you access it independently or as part of C++ or Fortran compiler download. These packages were tested for several weeks before posting for download.

oficially Intel Parallel XE Studio 2013 had been released September 5. Here is the link to thar announce:

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