Intel Media SDK / windows server and embedded

Intel Media SDK / windows server and embedded


The Intel documentation mentions that the Intel Media SDK is supported into windows 7.

 1) Is Windows server 2008  suported too? Hardware and SW

 2) For windows embedded, Harware acceleration seems not supported because it is not include OS component but is the SW implementation available?

 3) The documenation says that high profile is supported but is level 4.2 (1080p60) supported?


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Windows Server 2008 is not a validated OS. But we have hear of developers successfully using the Win7 graphics driver on this OS successfully with Media SDK and HW acceleration. If this approach is feasible please explore that usage.

Windows Embedded is not a supported OS. There may be ways of getting it to work but this usage is not validated or supported. As far as Media SDK SW fallback is concerned, it should work on all Windows OSs and platforms.

Level 4.2 ( assuming you refer to H264/AVC? ) is supported. Please see the "mfxstructures.h" include file for a complete list of supported profiles/levels. Media SDK does not have any restrictions with regards to frame rate. You can decode or encode 60fps streams just fine.


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