Whatever I try, this function call fails

I initialized the session as

mfxVersion version;

version.Major = 1;

version.Minor = 0;

session.init( MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE, &version )

Which does not return error.

Any ideas what could be the problem,

From what I saw in my debugger

libmfxsw32.dll gets loaded

I am running this on pretty old hardware: Intel Pentium(R0 M @ 2.00GHz with windows7, 32 bit

Could this have something to do with it ? What is the minimum required hardware in order to do software H264 decoding ?

Thanks for any hints,


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Hi Bob,

If your target is SW then you must make sure the "libmfx<32/64>.dll" is in the same folder as executable or in system path. With regards to your platform, since you use SW target it should work.

What version of Media SDK are you using?
Can you run the samples (such as sample_decode) provided with the SDK using SW target?


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