Breaking up the SDK DLL into smaller pieces

Breaking up the SDK DLL into smaller pieces


I know this is a long shot but I thought I'd ask anyway. Is it possible to get multiple smaller DLL's for various parts of the SDK instead of the one big DLL? I ask because we only use the VPP color conversion and H264 encoding and would rather not ship a 12MB DLL if we can avoid it. As a point of reference, the x264 encoder DLL is only 1MB.



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Hi Farhad,

Your request has been noted and we will consider this, but in the near term I do not believe this will be prioritized.

Note that the size of the DLL is only relevant in the case of SW implementation is used. If SW is not important to you, you do not have to include the SW DLL in your product. The HW DLL is part of the Intel Graphics driver package.


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