Win32 Exception when calling a mkl routine

Win32 Exception when calling a mkl routine


I have a large MS VS2010 C++ project, from which I occasionaly call Fortran and MKL functions. I'm using MS C++ compiler and Intel Composer 2013. It worked well with previous versions of Intel Composers, but after upgrading to Intel Composer 2013, when I call for the 1st time any mkl function, it produces a Win32 exception trapped by MSVS Debugger.  If I ignore it, (i.e. say the debugger to ignore it and continue), everything seems to work well and any subsuquent call of any mkl routines does not generate the exception anymore.

Is there any help remove the exception? It looks like I have something wrong with mkl construction or initializationi... I'll be grateful for any help.



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Hi, could you post a screenshot of the exception? I will get to the bottom of this. But it's good to know that in the meantime this is not totally holding up your coding project.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have enclosed screen shoots before and after the Win32 exception I'm complaining about. Libor


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Descargar after-exception.jpg174.64 KB

Libor, this is the known problem which has been already fixed.
The fix would be available in the next update of Composer 2013. ( update 1).
We will publish the announcment about that update on the top of MKL and Complier's Forum.

Thanks. Hope that the update 1 will be available before mid December, when my Intel Valid support subscription ends....

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