Studio XE 2013 and XE 2011 installed - crashed MSVS 2010 on exit

Studio XE 2013 and XE 2011 installed - crashed MSVS 2010 on exit

While trying to resolve the debugging issue with Studio XE 2013, I installed Studio XE 2011 as well, so that I could compare both compilers.

Now, every time I exit MSVS it crashes win an unhandle exception in ntdll.dll in devenv.exe.

I tried repairing the XE 2013 install, but this has not resolved the problem.



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Hi David,

Have you tried creating a crash dump file to get more information about what is causing the crash?

Intel Developer Support


I have reinstalled XE 2013, as I had uninstalled it yesterday to avoid the problem. Now the crash does not appear to be happening. Yet when it happened last week, I did a repair of the installation (not a reinstall), and this did not solve the problem.



Repair install will install missing major components, but it won't replace components that are corrupted unless it knows they are corrupted. That is probably the difference. I'm glad the issue appears to be resolved.


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