private variable and serialize execution

private variable and serialize execution


I find that the variables declared "private" by openMP directive are not updated/shown in the debugger window even when using Serialize executation option through Debugger extensions. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


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Hi Abhi,

I am moving this thread to the debugger forum. Someone on that forum should help you soon.

Intel Developer Support

Hi Abhi,

Is it possible for you to provide a test case and tell me the platform (OS, 32bit/64bit) you are using? I am not sure whether you are talking about windows or linux (idb).


Please move this back to Fortran forum. Since most of the Fortran users (includign myself) won't follow this forum and will not know about this issue.

On Win7-64bit, VS2010, Fortran composer XE13. Create a solution/project and add the program below. Put a break point after "n = i" statement. Have serialize options chosen from the Debug menu. Watch "n" the Locals window. It will be displayed as -64.

Program Test_ParallelDebug

Implicit none

Integer :: i, n
Real :: A(10)

!$OMP PARALLEL DO private (n)
do i=1,Size(A)
n = i
A(i) = i*1.0
end do

End Program Test_ParallelDebug

Hi Abhi,

I can understand that most Fotran users will not follow this forum as this forum is newly added. From now on, debugger related issues will all be moved to this forum, so it would be bad if i move back..

Now, regarding your issue, I have checked these days. And please see below reply:
1. As you mentioned that you are using 13.0 compiler, but in fact, the parallel debugger extension (PDE) is removed from 13.0 Composer product. So, I believe you did not uninstall your old versions of Composer and the PDE is still there, but that comes from old version.
2. So, PDE is a feature that currently is not actively developed and maintained any further and not part of the PS XD 2013 release any more. I think the feature may come back if there are enough customer demand, in fact, we have an tracker to collect the customer's request of this feature. I will add your request to it.
3. If you still need a reproduce of the issue, I hope you can tell me the last version of your 2011 Composer, as the PDE you have should come from 2011, not 2013, and then, I will try to reproduce it and may still escalate the issue, but I cannot provide assurance of a fix. If you do not need a reproduce, we can wait for the feature to be back and verify it.
4. By the way, I tried with latest 2011 composer with some C++ code, but cannot reproduce your issue.

Please let me know your suggestions.


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