h264 encoder filter frame rate

h264 encoder filter frame rate

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I use DSHOW filters

Video Capture->H264 Encoder->Mpeg2 Muxer->File Write

My Video Capture 1920*1080 YUY2  framerate=25,

But I get the video file with framerate = 50

How can I control the framerate ,when I use the intel media sdk h264 filter.

I set param like below

  params.profile_idc = IConfigureVideoEncoder::Params::PF_H264_MAIN;

  params.level_idc = IConfigureVideoEncoder::Params::LL_31;
  params.frame_control.height = 1080;
  params.frame_control.width = 1920;
  params.ps_control.GopPicSize = 90;
  params.ps_control.GopRefDist = 3;
  params.ps_control.NumSlice = 1;

  params.rc_control.rc_method = IConfigureVideoEncoder::Params::RCControl::RC_VBR;

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Hi Eric,

I did some quick sanity checks on my side, using Media SDK 2012 R3, but I do not encounter any frame rate issues using similar setup.
I suspect the the issue may be related to the player or tool you use to analyze the generated file.

I've seen for instance VLC reporting wrong frame rate in the past. What frame rate does the tool MediaInfo report ?

Quick note on your setup. I'm surprised to see 1920x1080 at 25 fps using YUY2. Assuming the raw data is not from a USB device?


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Hi Petter,

Thank for reply.

I find the problem is with VLC. VLC show wrong information

I use a PCIE device with HDMI imput.

And I have another problem.

I can‘t get buffer from intel mpeg2 muxer filter,because dump filter can't connect to mpeg2 muxer filter with error code 80040217
I want to trans the buffer to internet.
What should I do?

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Hi Eric,

the Media SDK mux/demux components are provided with the SDK just for prototyping purposes and they were unfortunately not designed to handle all possible use cases such as connecting to Dump filter.

I suggest you explore potential code changes to Dump filter to support the muxer or alternatively try to find other more capable commercial muxer or open source muxer.

This topic was also discussed in earlier forum post


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