AMT - connect outside the subnet

AMT - connect outside the subnet


I am testing AMT for a while and everything works fine if two connecting machines are in same subnet. I can use both from Manageability Commander Tool and code (AMT SDK) to remotely manage machines. But when I change subnet with one machine I cannot make a connection (both methods). Those machines can ping each other, both firewalls are down. What can cause the issue?

My code to overview:

IAMTInstance amt;
ConectionInfoEX connInfo = new ConnectionInfoEX(machineIPAddress, "admin", "P@ssw0rd", false,
string.Empty, ConnectionInfoEX.AuthMethod.Digest, null, null, null);
amt = AMTInstanceFactory.CreateEX(connInfo);

Thank in advice for any help. 


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Hi - could you let me know what version of AMT you are working with? Also, what is your network configuration? And are your systems provisioned with TLS?

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