Problem with ifort2013 - End of file error

Problem with ifort2013 - End of file error


I have compiled my application with ifort2013. It is giving the following run time error. 


forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 14, file /home/rameshl/sfm_cloud/sfm_intel/run/19860426/fort.14
Image PC Routine Line Source
fcst.x 081E25DF Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 081E12D5 Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 08195F61 Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 08155996 Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 08155251 Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 081667BB Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 08055C7A fixio_ 103 fixio.f
fcst.x 0804A8AC gsmini_ 320 gsmini.f
fcst.x 0804A045 MAIN__ 241 gsm.f
fcst.x 08049FE4 Unknown Unknown Unknown 00449E9C Unknown Unknown Unknown
fcst.x 08049ED1 Unknown Unknown Unknown


I have compiled the same code with ifort-v12, ifort-v11.074 and ifort-v10.1 and executed. It is successfull. But, if it is compiled with ifort-v13 then it is giving the EOF error. 

Please help me in resolving this issue.



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You have not given enough information to make it possible to analyze the problem. If you can provide a copy of the source file(s) and input data that exhibit the behavior described, more useful responses may be forthcoming.

If your program contains errors of the sort that result in the results of its execution being "undefined" in the language of the Fortran standard, it is possible that the occurrence of EOF is unpredictable, and that using different compilers and/or different compiler options will or will not cause EOF at run time.


I am providing the source file. The error is at line number 103. The data file is also uploaded.
The same application is running fine if I compile with ifort-v12, ifort-v11 and ifort-v10.


Descargar fixio.txt14.86 KB
Descargar sfci.tar2.21 MB

The source code is incomplete -- the main program and subprograms fnam, fnam1, row1ns, rowsep and sfcmrg are not defined.

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