what is the best feature that binds Win 8 and Ultrabook together

what is the best feature that binds Win 8 and Ultrabook together

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Lets start a forum where we post regular update  of the powerful combination of Ultrabook and Windows 8

Abhishek Nandy
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Hi Abhishek,

You beat me to a similar sort of post to try to get the community spirit going http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/330480.

Undoubtedly Win8 needs touch so this has to be the number one feature. Apps will come along to make the most out of the sensors although documentation for some of the sensor features is somewhat lacking at the moment.

I found this on a trawl which might be of interest.

All Windows 8 Tablet PC and Convertible Tablet PCs will have the following sensors: (certified for Windows 8)

•Ambient Light Sensor
•3D Accelerometer
•3D Gyro
•3D Magnetometer

Sensor objects accessible by Windows Runtime clients:
•Light Sensor
•Device orientation


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This is my best :XAML and Transations work perfect WE ARE LOVING now Win8 on Ultrabook because XAML working native

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The new XAML implements MVVM with the UI have also improved.Keep up the spirit.....and pour in the comments.

Abhishek Nandy
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Solid State HDD:-The Solid-State Drive is one of the key components of the Ultrabook. The Solid-State Drive is a data storage device often replacing the older HDD Harddisk. Solid-State Drives are much faster than the older HDD and fit easier into a thin laptop. Thanks to the Solid-State Drive Ultrabooks require only a short start up time.Are there any ways by which low cost Solid State HDDs can be attached with Ultrabook?Still the best...

Abhishek Nandy
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Lets talk about the various models that are or will be available for Ultrabooks
1)Huron River(1st one) Processor type:Sandy Bridge
2)Chief River(current one) Processor type:Ivy Bridge
3)Shark Bay(for Future) processor type: Haswell Bridge

Abhishek Nandy
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Accelerometer 3D the very nice a sensor
This is my best
We can touch now, Hello world.

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The Intel Rapid Start technology is very fast as well as Ultrbook(The Booting time and Shutdown time is incredibly fast).Thanks Intel for the Ultrabook.

Abhishek Nandy
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I have to aggree with Abhishek here, Rapid Start is amazing. NFC support would be second on my list, but the lack of drivers, documentation and software for the on-board chip is not solved yet.

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My favorite is NFC , and I love develope Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone Apps in Ultrabook.

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As i started developing with Ultrabook the touch feature seems to amaze me.While using Unity engine i found out that the touch input is very good.

Abhishek Nandy
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1) Sensors - Ultrabook is with inbuilt sensors and windows 8 ready with sensor APIs

2) Ultrabook's power optimization technologies, power efficiency and highend performance what WIndows 8 badly needs.

Thanks, Rumnha

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