Newbie: Installing Visual Studio Pro 2012

Newbie: Installing Visual Studio Pro 2012

Hi Folks,

   Sorry for the silly question, but there doesn't seem to be a way to search this forum...

   I'm installing Visual Studio Pro 2012 in preparation for adding an Intel Fortran compiler.  Any suggestions on the simplest/smallest/correct option among the many presented to me when I shove in the installation disk?

  Many thanks!

Tom Kreutz

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I have no experience with a VS newer than version 10, but it would probably suffice if you install enough of VS 12 to be able to compile simple C/C++ programs using the IDE. Such an installation will contain enough of the build tools and RT libraries to support an installation of Intel Visual Fortran.

From what I see when installing VS2012, you can uncheck all of the optional features. As mecej4 says, all you need is the C++ support, but I don't see that VS2012 gives you the option to omit that.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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