Re: Access to Technology Raodmaps

Re: Access to Technology Raodmaps

Please advise what I can do to view when this appears:

It appears you have requested a page or resource that needs specific requirements to access or unlock. Please review the criteria of this resource on the previous page. If this is an error or you need help, please contact support.

I need your CPU related roadmaps chip/MB/etc.

Thank you

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Hardware road maps and NDA materials are provided by your Intel Business Development Manager (BDM) or other Intel account representative.

I did a quick search in our software tools databases and can't find your company information, but this is just the database for licensed Intel software customers. So I could not determine your Intel account rep.

This is a software forum and we don't have access to the hardware/platform customer databases. I would recommend finding your Intel platform/hardware account manager for your company. I could find no such rep on the software side of Intel.


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