Failure to recognise error #8284 at project build

Failure to recognise error #8284 at project build

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When building a fortran DLL project, the compiler does not list any errors for a subroutine.  However, if I then try to compile a specific routine in the project it finds the error 8284 "If the actual argument is scalar, the dummy argument shall be scalar."  which is indeed an error.

Shouldn't it report this error when doing a clean build?  If not, then I'll need to compile each routine seperately after building the project in order to find any offending routines.

I am using VS2008 and Composer XE 2011 Update 11  with the option Fortran, Diagnostics, Check Routine Interfaces set to Yes.


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The "check routine interfaces" feature depends on compiling the called subroutine before the caller. If that doesn't happen, it won't catch such errors on a clean build.


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