How to use MIC Intrinsics?

How to use MIC Intrinsics?


from the PHI Instruction Set Reference Manual I can see that MIC intrinsics are available.

What I don't know yet is how to use them. Is there a document available which introduces intrinsics for MIC?

Which header file do I have to include? Can I use intrinsics within the offload sections?



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The MIC intrinsics are quite similar to SSE and AVX intrinsics. You should check out zmmintrin.h for the function declarations and some additional info, but to use them, you have to include immintrin.h instead.

For an introduction/overview, refer the online C++ User Guide at: (or the version available under the installed image (installdir)/Documentation/...)

Refer to section: Intrinsics for Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture)

Covered topics include:
- Overview: Reference for Intrinsics Supporting Intel® Initial Many Core Instructions (Intel® IMCI)
- Details of Intrinsic Functions for Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture)
- Shuffle Intrinsics
- Vector Intrinsics
- Scalar Intrinsics

The header is immintrin.h and these intrinsics are usable within offload code.

Thank you guys. That solves my questions.

Another question came up: In part 3 of the PHI Optimization Workshop, it is refered to the Xeon PHI Optimization Guide.

Are you talking about this guide:

Is there a pdf available as well?

I do not know but my hunch is you are correct. I will find an authoritative answer or have someone post who is more knowledgeable about the video content and the posted optimization guide.

You were correct about the reference to the optimization guide (posted in two parts under the Developer tab at: There is currently a plan for a pdf but no ETA on availability.

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