Removing dependency on imagehlp from DLL

Removing dependency on imagehlp from DLL


I am trying to create a DLL that will be used on a "Windows-like" operating system, and unfortunately the OS does not have imagehlp.dll.

Is there a way to remove my DLL's dependency on imagehlp.dll? I've compiled in release mode and have tried to disable all debugging/traceback options. However, I still get references to StackWalk, SymCleanup, and SymInitialize.

I'd appreciate any advice you can give!


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Have you tried using the free Dependancy Walker application to find what is requiring IMAGEHLP.DLL to be loaded

P.S. to Intel, How do I delete my own posts?

IMAGEHLP.DLL is referenced by the traceback code. Perhaps it would work to delay-load that DLL. In Linker > Input, set property Delay Loaded DLLs to IMAGEHLP.DLL . Then add delayimp.lib to "Additional Dependencies". If nothing ever calls into IMAGEHLP it won't be required.

Anthony, as for deleting your own posts, I think it is available until there is a reply. You can ask an Intel person to do it.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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