LAPACKE_slasrt function listed in documentation not found

LAPACKE_slasrt function listed in documentation not found

I am attempting to use the C interface for the slasrt function. The pdf and online documentation both state I should use LAPACKE_slasrt but the compiler fails to find it (I am using the single dynamic link library) and grepping the include files shows no such function. mkl_lapack.h contains slasrt with an additional MKL_INT * info input parameter, and I expect I can go ahead and use that, but I don't want to use functions not part of the documentation because they are allowed to change. Why is LAPACKE_slasrt is missing - is the documention wrong or is something wrong with the include files?

Also, I am new to MKL, is this sort of discrepancy common? Where else might I expect it?

Here is the online documentation:

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Thanks for the issue. This is the problem with include file. As a temporarily work around of this problem, you can add the API of that function to the
mkl_lapacke.h header file. in the case if you need our assistance in that - please let us know - we will give you updated mkl_lapacke.h file.

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