Support for Clang on Linux

Support for Clang on Linux

We have been using TBB on Linux with g++ for a few years.  Now we would like to try to use TBB with Clang.  Does anyone have a version of build/ that I could use?

Are there plans to release support for Clang?

FYI: I downloaded the latest stable release of TBB (4.1 Update 1), and I have Clang 3.3 (fairly recent svn version) built with g++ 4.7.1 on Fedora 14.

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This is the error that ends the build (with my attempt to merge and into

../../build/Makefile.tbb:39: CONFIG: cfg=debug arch=intel64 compiler=clang os=linux runtime=cc4.5.1_libc2.12.90_kernel2.6.35.14
/netDISKS/master/netmt/LINUX_INTF14/rnd/clang/3.3.0/bin/clang++ -gcc-toolchain /opt/gcc-4.7.1 -c -MMD -DTBB_USE_DEBUG -DDO_ITT_NOTIFY -g -O0 -DUSE_PTHREAD -m64 -fPIC -D__TBB_BUILD=1 -Wall -Wno-parentheses -Wno-non-virtual-dtor -Wno-unused-value -I../../src -I../../src/rml/include -I../../include ../../src/tbb/itt_notify.cpp
In file included from ../../src/tbb/itt_notify.cpp:55:
In file included from ../../src/tbb/tools_api/ittnotify_static.c:29:
../../src/tbb/tools_api/ittnotify_config.h:267:33: error: unsupported inline asm: input with type 'long' matching output with type 'int'
: "0"(addend), "m"(*(long*)ptr)
In file included from ../../src/tbb/itt_notify.cpp:55:
../../src/tbb/tools_api/ittnotify_static.c:534:13: warning: explicitly assigning a variable of type 'int' to itself [-Wself-assign]
namelen = namelen;
~~~~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~

you can temporary comment _all_ following lines in the result (from merge) makefile :


Thanks. That got past the asm error. I thought I had another problem, but I now see what I did wrong in my I'm retracting what I posted a few minutes ago.

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