Missing ippcore_t.lib

Missing ippcore_t.lib

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I just updated my Intel IPP SDK from 7.0.3 to

I notice ippcore_t.lib is missing in the lib folder. Is it replaced by something else or its no longer supported?



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yes, IPP threaded static libraries are not available from the standard distribution package in IPP 7.1.
these binaries available for distribution from the Intel registration center.
on the registration pages ( for windows version) you will see the following:
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w_ccompxe_threaded_static_ipp_7.1.1.119.zip (ReadMe | Release Notes)


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The deprecation page doesn't seem to track whole libraries, so I'll just report my opinion here: deprecating the static threaded version of this library seems like a mistake. I am new to this library, and perhaps it is unavoidable, but there is absolutely no way I could expect clients of my code to install redistributable DLLS.

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Well, this is a bit late but I have the same problem. I started out ditributing dll's and , oh, was that a big mistake. I'm trying to move to static linking and this has proved a real headache. I managed to build our library statically, but our app now misses  ippcore_t.lib. I downloaded w_ccompxe_threaded_static_ipp_7.1.1.119.zip but it will not install! Claims I need an update which I don't. I'm building for x64 with ipp 7.1.1.

Did you manage to solve this?

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