Details about markerless object tracking

Details about markerless object tracking

Hi there,

  I see in the description of the perceptual computing SDK that markerless object tracking is available. Though, I'm having a hard time finding details about it like tutorials, what are the modules ,etc.

Does anyone have some information to shate ?


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We will provide such tutorials and samples soon.

Great, thanks for the answer.
In the meantime would it be possible to know which technics have been implemented and which are planned ?

@Guido One thing you can do is just first sort out in which language you want to Develop C++ would be the obvious choice and you can directly use the enumerations for this.Even all the intefaces of SDK are tightly based on C++.
Well the General Scenario says that the lifecycle starts for the projects,you access the objects of SDK and later on you relase it before end ing your application.Henceforth Experimenting is the best way to learn the SDK and i am also doing it currently just experimenting with console projects with C#.Best of Luck.

Abhishek Nandy

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