Application Uninstall and WebDb

Application Uninstall and WebDb

I've built and (finally) tested using Encapsulator (with generated .msi). It works like charm. However, to test another build, I've uninstalled the application using Uninstall Manager (in Control Panel). After I've installed the new build, I've realized that my previous data was there unremoved.

Is there a way to remove the WebDb (I've created) when the user uninstalls my application?

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Hi Ozkan,
Usually the default is to preserve any user data when removing an application. The Intel Encapsulator also does this by default. It creates the install package automatically and there isn't an option for changing this behavior.

Is Encapsulator work for Adobe flash swf and exe, please comment

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I suggest you to use "Your Uninstaller" software,  this make a cleanup the system  register

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