vehicle calcCurrentPositionAndRotation not working

vehicle calcCurrentPositionAndRotation not working


I cant get wheel position and rotation from this function.It trigger a breakpint at setting quaternion.

void CHavokPhysic::UpdateVehicleWheel(CVehicleSimulator* C,hkpVehicleInstance* pVehicle)
    hkVector4 pos;
    hkQuaternion rot; 
    for(int i=0;i<C->GetVehicle()->GetNumWheels();i++)

call stack:
   FrontGame.exe!hkQuaternion::setAxisAngle(const hkVector4 & axis={...}, float angle=-0.00000000)  Line 15 + 0x2a bytes    C++
     FrontGame.exe!hkpVehicleInstance::calcCurrentPositionAndRotation(const hkpRigidBody * chassis=0x025d0580, const hkpVehicleSuspension * suspension=0x003e8390, int wheelNo=0, hkVector4 & posOut={...}, hkQuaternion & rotOut={...})  Line 1033    C++

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Hi Hamed,

It looks like some of the parameters it is using to determine the wheel rotation are numerically invalid or inaccurate. Please check that pVehicle->m_wheelsInfo[i]->m_spinAxisChassisSpace is normalized (you can use hkVector4::isNormalized<3>()) and that pVehicle->m_data->calcCurrentPositionAndRotation is orthonormal (you can use hkRotation::isOrthonormal()).


Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer

I have same issue, the function crashes if I switch to Left-Handed coordinate system...Please help...

I got following error:

Math\Quaternion\hkQuaternion.cpp(15): [0x34BD3B6E] Assert: al < hkReal(0.01f)Stack trace is:


This issue can be easyly reproduced in the Demos, 

1. open file <havok sdk dir>\Demo\Demos\DemoCommon\Utilities\VehicleApi\VehicleSetup.cpp

2. go to line 105 and change it from

data.m_chassisOrientation.setCols( hkVector4(0, 1, 0), hkVector4(1, 0, 0), hkVector4(0, 0, 1));


data.m_chassisOrientation.setCols( hkVector4(0, 1, 0), hkVector4(1, 0, 0), hkVector4(0, 0, -1));

Then run Car demo and you get a crash at calcCurrentPositionAndRotation call,

3. skip wheel updates and run - demo will run as expected but without wheels rendering...

Hi Sergey,

The comment in VehicleSetup::setupVehicleData assumes that you are using a right-handed coordinate system.  What it really means is 'up', 'forward', and 'side', where side is left or right depending on your coordinate system.  Side is determined as

side = forward X up.

In the case of a left-handed system, this is left.  The runtime is crashing because the chassis orientation you set inverts the coordinate system, and is therefore not a valid rotation.  Please use

data.m_chassisOrientation.setCols( hkVector4(0, 1, 0), hkVector4(1, 0, 0), hkVector4(0, 0, 1));

and apply any coordinate system adjustment on rendering.  Please see \Source\Common\Base\Math\Util\hkConvertCoordinateSpace.h for utilities to do this.



Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer

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