Happy year 2013 to all...

Happy year 2013 to all...

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Happy year 2013  to all...


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Happy new year to u to! :333

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Thanks bustaf for posting this msg. (Just got back from Holiday break.)

Happy New Year to you and all as well.

Thank you every one for your continuous support in the Intel Compiler community. Please continue reporting issues and help tips.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

Jennifer Jiang
Intel Compiler Technical Support Team

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I second that Jennifer! Happy New Year folks...!

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Happy New Year to all forum's participants.

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I wish ALL the Best to everybody in 2013! Happy New Year!

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I wish to all to let the new year be better than the past one. Happy coding, less bugs, more bug fixes, and of course lots of love and respect.

-- With best regards, VooDooMan - If you find my post helpful, please rate it and/or select it as a best answer where applies. Thank you.

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