what to set Visual C++ Project Symbols property

what to set Visual C++ Project Symbols property

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Dear All,

Somebody please help me on what I can write on Strip Private Symbols property
in Visual C++ Project Properties.

Visual studio ---> Project Properties -----> Linker----> Debug ----->

Strip Private Symbols------------?

Since there is no options in this filed, I am bit confused on what I will write!!!

Can I write any customized name? or any specific keyword should I write here

Thanks in advance.

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The documentation for this option is here. This is a rather advanced feature which is used when a developer wants to provide some debug information about their application in a PDB file but doesn't want infomation about some selected names to appear in the PDB file. If you wanted to use this, you would click Edit and then enter, one line at a time, the exact names of the symbols you did not want to appear in the PDB file. From what I have read in your other posts, I suggest that you ignore this option as it is probably not relevant to what you are doing.


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