Analysing MPI applications using VTune on the Xeon Phi

Analysing MPI applications using VTune on the Xeon Phi


Could someone tell me if it is possible to use VTune with MPI applications on the Xeon Phi and, if so, explain how to do it.

The suggested way with VTune and MPI is to use the comand-line tool:

but the command line tool does not run directly on our Xeon Phi, and the Xeon Phi specific information about VTune that I've found e.g.:

does not mention MPI.

Apologies if there is already documentation on how to do this.

Many thanks


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I tried MPI program on Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessor. 

Here are steps:

1. Prepare environments for tools

# source /opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.1.117/bin/ intel64

# source /opt/intel/impi/4.1.0/bin64/

# source /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe_2013/ 

2. Build & copy binary to mic device

# mpiicc -g -O3 -mmic program.c -o program

# scp program mic0:/root

3. Copy impi libraries onto mic device, and try

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/bin

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/bin

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/lib64, or

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/lib64

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/lib64

# scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/lib64

# time ssh mic0 /bin/mpiexec -n 240 /root/program ; I have 244 cores on Phi coprocessor

4. Use VTune(TM) Amplifier XE to collect performance data

# amplxe-cl -collect knc_lightweight_hotspots -r mpi_res_target -search-dir all:rp=. -- ssh mic0 /bin/mpiexec -n 240 /root/program

5. All results from different core will be stored in different result directory. You can pick up any one to analyze (they are similar, for one process on one core)

Use amplxe-gui to open to analyze.

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