icc for ia64, bug fixes ?

icc for ia64, bug fixes ?


I've been using an educational/non-commercial license for icc for our itanium machine.

This machine has been also running for a while the build testing of the postgresql database

And we've just hit two icc bugs visible with two versions that I have installed: 10.0.026, 11.1 20100401:



And apparently I don't seem to be able to grab any icc for ia64 updates from the intel website.

Should I consider consider icc for ia64 completely unsupported ? 



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ia64 is supported to the extent that problem reports on the 11.1 compiler ought to be investigated (with the proviso that the license types you mention have lower priority).  Unfortunately, major ia64 customer installations are approaching retirement, as they no longer maintain the relatively high performance they had for several years.

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