Multiple Installations for Single User License

Multiple Installations for Single User License


Dear Intel Forum,

The FAQ section states that there can be multiple installations for a single user license provided only one installation is used at any given time. How does Intel know that only one installation is indeed being used at any given time?

I am asking because the one computer where the product was installed has become disfunctional and would need to be cleaned out. There is no time to uninstall the product first before re-installing it into a new computer. Apparently, the second installation does not allow the product to operate fully (as an error pop-up window comes up). Would there be a need to purchase a second license?

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Intel doesn't know. We tell you what the rules are and assume you follow them. You don't need to purchase a second license.

What pop-up window are you referring to?  You should be able to enter the serial number when you install and "activate" the new installation.


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