Cannot rebuild GPL gear for KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15-suse-11.2

Cannot rebuild GPL gear for KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15-suse-11.2

It works fine untill it starts building the manpages then I get

FAILED: /root/KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15-suse-11.2/gpl/documentation/man/scif_open.txt: line 40: missing endif::scif_user[]
a2x: failed: asciidoc --doctype=manpage -a "scif_user" -d manpage -b docbook "scif_open.txt"

It seems that the ascidoc package with SUSE 11 SP2 doesn't like something. I've not used asciidoc before so I have no idea where to start hitting it to make it work.

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According to my reading of the asciidoc manual, the .txt file is correct and no #endif is required. I do not have a2x installed on the machine I use at the moment but will try to do that. In the meantime, if anyone else has done this rebuild, perhaps they could share their experience. 

That is what I could determine as well.. Which version of asciidoc was used to build the original RPM's possibly I have a version skew issue.

Also adding an endif::scif_user[] block causes a pile of other errors.. 

Is there a way I can rebuild without the man pages.. because we really don't need them. 


I'm still unable to rebuild. Which is annoying as I can't use the damn things at the moment because of it... 

Just FYI - when I tried building the man pages everything worked. We are now several releases past KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15 and I haven't heard of any more problems.

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