How to I get the "product unlock code" for a evaluation version of VTune

How to I get the "product unlock code" for a evaluation version of VTune

I downloaded VTune Amplifier XE, got the registration code, registered it and when I try to install it I got the following message:

In Order to complete the offline activation process, you will need to use a system that is connected to the internet.

1. On the connected system, go to:

2. Enter this produce activation code on the above web page:


3. Save....

Well, going to the page above and entering the product activation code results in a message that says that for evaluation version I have to go to another page, where, when I go, I can't find any link suggesting anything related to getting the "product unlock code"

Please note that on the target machine I cannot possibly have internet connection so offline activation is the only choice I have.

Please help,




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Hi Cristian,

I've sent a license file to you thru email. Please install VTune Amplifier XE with it, rather than an activation code. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help.

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

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I am having the same problem activating the evaluation version on an isolated platform.  Can you please send me the license file?  Thanks!

Hi Michael,

Please send me your serial number by click "Send Author A Message" on top of this reply.  I'll send you the license file.  BTW, you can do that by yourself.  Just log into with your login ID (usually your email).  Click the product you are evaluating.  Then you will see your serial number.  Click "Manage" on the right.  You will see a "resend license file" button.  Hope this helps.


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