Can't find libraries

Can't find libraries

I've migrated to a new computer (64 bit).  I'm trying to build my projects using IVF11.1.072  I installed VS20008  and SP1 for VS2008. including the x64 compiler tools and run-times  When I try to build executables in VS for Intel-64 it works fine.  Building Win32 executables it can't find LIBCMT.LIB.  I see that it isn't in the 9.0/VC/lib directory, although libcmtd.lib is there. 

If I try to build in the IVF CMD environment for Intel-64 it fails when it can't find KERNEL32.LIB. 

Any idea why I'm missing these files?



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I suggest you uninstall everything and start over.  Your VS2008 install is corrupted.  KERNEL32.LIB will be in the Windows SDK folder that is separately installed by Visual C++.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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